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Mobil Weekend - Speakers


Róbert Pintér

Egyetemi adjunktus, kutatásvezető, Corvinus Egyetem, eNET Internetkutató Kft.

I have been working on analyzing the infocommunications sector and its trends since 2000. My current research centers on Location Based Research and e-commerce. I am a frequent speaker at local conferences, where, most often, I discuss smartphone trends and e-commerce. I have been an active blogger since 2004, and I’m also a married father of three. My hobbies include ping-pong, running and photography.

  • D3 - Saturday - September 24, 2016 | 13:00 - 13:25 Presentation in 25 minutes

    What’s next after - or beside - mobile?

    What will the future bring? AR, VR, 5G, quantified self, self-driving cars…And the more distant future? Cyborgs/a posthuman future, singularity, eternal digital life…An inspirational talk not entirely devoid of trendy buzzwords, offering a deeper economic and social context. Do not miss: in a few years, development will no longer focus (primarily) on mobile and that will no longer be the place to reach (most) consumers.

    Extra - Main Event Room - Budapest, Hungary, Klauzál u. 15, 1072

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