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Mobil Weekend - Session

  • D1 - Thursday - September 22, 2016 | 16:00 - 16:25 Presentation in 25 minutes

    ReactiveX. What? Why? How?

    The development of Reactive Extensions - now called ReactiveX - was launched over 6 years in a MS lab as an “extension” to .NET, making room for the reactive approach in the world of .NET alongside the then emerging functional programming. Taking a look around today, we see that ReactiveX is no longer only present in .NET: it’s becoming more and more popular on a variety of platforms, in various languages, such as Java, Android, JavaScript, Swift and Scala. ReactiveX is not, of course, a silver bullet - but it may very well be one of the best tools available to handle the asynchronous calls and events that are so dominant in the world of mobile.

    Extra - Main Event Room

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